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Final project
Dear Student,
The objective of the final project is to put in practice one (or more) of the tools that you have seen in this course. You can use Excel, Power Query, Power BI, SQL, Python, Machine Learning or any other visualization tool, method or software that can help you to implement the final project.
IMPORTANT: The focus of the project is on the Visualization! That means that the grading will be mainly based on how you visualized and represented the data (e.g. answers to your research questions). You can take a scenario where an executive from the company X for which you work will receive the final presentation and will have to take a decision based on the insights he/she saw in the PPT/PDF or else presentation that you sent to him/her (this is just an illustrative example).
You select a new dataset that find on the Internet (e.g., on You proceed in the same way as in the previous options. For example you can pick up the COVID-19 dataset (it can be found in several places such as
Overall, you should aim at applying some of the techniques that include, but are not limited to, data cleaning, data verification, data exploration, aggregation, visualization, etc.
COVID 19 Project: The aim of the Final project is to make some basic data manipulations and visualization of the geographic distribution of COVID-19 cases worldwide.
Research questions:
1. Do the curves of cases and deaths have an upward trend globally?
2. Does any continent have distinct ascending curve of cases?
3. What date was noted with the highest daily number of new cases? In which country?
4. Does the epidemiological situation in France differs in comparison with Cuba
Dataset can be downloaded from HERE.
Possible manipulations: 1) clean the data, 2) Validate data; 3) Use slicers by continent/month; 4) Use geographical map to represent top 10 countries by deaths; 5) Use pivot table (of cases and deaths by months (globally) and 6) Answer research questions.
Delivery & Submission
The outcome of the project should be either Power Point presentation or any other format where you will explain:
- Executive Summary
- The background of the project
- The research questions
- Steps taken to clean the data/verify/automate/explore/etc (these are just examples)
- The approach/method/tool used
- Results (visualization)
IMPORTANT NOTE: You should position the deliverable (the result) as if you were to send a high level overview to a CEO/Director of the company who has to take an important strategic decision based on the data analysis/insights that you have prepared.
Your slides should be conclusive enough and supported by visualizations so that the decision maker can take the best possible decision.

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