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read the assignment carefully. poster and written document needs to be made
1. Find a policy document from an early childhood setting that specifically focuses on inclusive practice. Examples can be found in assessment resources
2. Critically review the resource & start planning/ outlining how you’d creatively reimagine the document based on your emerging understanding, and experiences of, inclusive practice. Consider the following:
1. Does the definition and ideas about inclusive practice expressed in the document match with your understanding of inclusive practice? If yes, then work on how you’d creatively reword it/rephrase it in your own words & if not think about how you could re-create it to better match your approach
2. How have the rights of children in terms of diversity, equity, and social justice been represented in this policy? This builds on the understanding and acknowledgment that all children have rights. What examples of practice that evidence children’s rights emerge from the reimagined definition?
3. How does this document illustrate responsive teaching practices that support inclusion, equity, and diversity?
1. Create an infographic/ poster that will be used as a resource to guide families & staff. This will include
1. A recreated definition of inclusion based on your emerging understanding of inclusive practice
2. 3 - 5 examples of practice that advocate and evidence children’s rights and emerge from your definition of inclusion. These can be based on your experiences in early childhood settings either through placement or in your workplace. Please ensure that they are relevant to children’s day-to-day lives and rights Please also include a brief description of each of those rights.
3. These rights need to be original, innovative, and creative and NOT the ones stated in the UN conventions on the rights of the child.
2. Reflect on how you critically reviewed the policy & the implications for practice. This will include:
1. A 200-word reflection justifying the reimagined document: You need to use supporting research & resources to justify the definition & the 3-5 examples of children’s rights represented in the document
2. A 200-word reflection on the implications for your own practice: How does this document engage with responsive teaching practices that support inclusion, equity, and diversity? Use supporting research & resources.
3. Include a minimum of 4 references (2 for part A, 2 for part B)
Make sure you submit the following:
• Copy of the chosen policy from an early childhood centre
• Reimagined policy poster
• 400-word reflection (minimum of 4 references: 2 for Part A, 2 for Part B)
The following levels of criteria will be used to grade this assessment task:
• Criterion 1: Re-created policy poster
• Criterion 2: Reflection justifying the poster
• Criterion 3: Reflection on practice
• Criterion 4: Poster presentation + Writing and Referencing
Some examples of policies that can be used for task 1 in new window opens in new window (look for inclusion & equity policy) in new window in new window opens in new window(look for inclusion & equity policy)

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