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AMN426 Assessment 2 Content Creation
Assessment 2 Purpose and Outcomes
• Start where Assessment 1 finished.
• With the persona identified and the content strategy and content pillars articulated, you now start to create the content.
• You select your channels, develop the Big Idea, craft your content and justify it using theory.
• This assignment is not just about ideation and imagination, but equally about strategic alignment and delivering impact for your client.
• Due Sunday, May 22 at 11.59pm.
• Worth 40%.
• 2,000 Words (Tables Included).
• Present it in a single document format. You can include any links to video or other content you have created that won’t fit in the report format.
• Submit via Turnitin, via the link on Blackboard Assessment 2.
Required Tasks
• Channel Selection (5 marks)
• Big Idea (10 marks)
• Craftsmanship of copy (10 marks)
• Justification and Theory Support (10 marks)
• Written Communication (5 marks)
Channel Selection (5 marks)
• Select the channels you are going to write for - choose from eDMs, video, podcasts, digital display ads, apps ect. Look at the slide decks on Blackboard.
• Find out the platforms currently used. These may be detailed in the brief or uncovered by your own research.
• Consider the platforms most commonly used by your persona.
• Evaluate the qualities of each platform and what it can deliver in terms of creative product.
• Think about the client’s budget in making your ultimate decision.
• Justify your decisions - why these channels (although this is marked in criteria 4).
What are some potential channels?
• eDMs or electronic direct mail to talk with people on your database.
• Video to bring the situation to life or showcase testimonials.
• Apps to add some functionality.
• Podcasts are great for sharing information.
• Digital display ads reach new targets.
• Native ads blend with authority or popular site.
• Social to activate sharing.
Think Creatively
• Youth homelessness charity Depaul UK is raising awareness of young people experiencing homelessness by using Spotify playlists to tell their stories.
• Stories of five young people are told using the titles of songs in a personal way and the channel in a creative way.
• As users read the song titles, the playlist reveals that young person’s experience of homelessness. A final -track- allows the listener to hear directly from the individual.
Big Idea (10 marks)
• Your content strategy tells you what to say. But your Big Idea is how you are going to say it. How you get your message across.
• What is the idea behind the campaign? The idea. Not its execution.
• This idea will then form the basis for your content and be executed, in different ways, across all the different platforms.
• Justify your decisions (although this is marked in criteria 4).
Craftsmanship of Copy (10 marks)
• This is how well you execute the big idea. The words you use. The pictures you paint. How well or convincingly you write.
• Conceptualize and write three pieces of content.
• One of these pieces is to be produced and presented as a finished piece of content.
• Demonstrate and justify which content pillars align with which content pieces (this is marked under Criteria 4).
• The content created is not included in your word count.
Justification and Theory Support (10 marks)
• You need to justify all your decisions - channel selection, the big idea, execution.
• Why is that a good decision to make? Why should the client spend their budget on this content?
• Include your justification in the relevant section, so justify your problem statement and objectives in that section. Justify your content strategy in the content strategy section.
Using theory to justify your decisions
• Theory provides a well-substantiated explanation of some aspect of consumer behaviour, based on a body of facts that have been repeatedly confirmed through observation and experiment.
• Bring in some theory to explain what you are trying to do.
• Look at the theory on Blackboard - Consumer empowerment, Uses and Gratification, Congruency theory, Self-Determination theory, Creative facilitation and inhibition or Social Capital.
• Or use any relevant theory from a basic marketing text.
• You only need to include one theory, to explain one aspect of content creation, but you can include more if relevant.
Written Communication (5 marks)
• Is your report within the 2000-word limit?
• Tables are included in the word count. The reference list is not included in the word count.
• Make sure you reference any secondary research sources or supporting evidence you include.
• Make sure your report reads well and you have checked spelling and grammar.
• Please upload this as PDF as this is a more professional format and you will avoid any formatting issues.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2352 words including References

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