Recent Question/Assignment

Task Overview:  
This assessment is designed to encourage students to research and apply Cross Cultural Management theory and concepts into current events and recent global change. 
Students will source ONE media article from the past 12 months on a cross cultural management topic.  The media article can be sourced online or from newspapers, magazines, radio or TV. Note that a media article is not a case study or academic journal article. 
 Report instructions:
* Explain, discuss and critique how the article illustrates one or more theoretical principles of Cross Cultural management studies
* Identify and discuss the challenges in the media article. 
* Provide two or three recommendations which will address the challenges that you have identified and discussed
* Avoid a lengthy media article, choose an article that is not more than 1,000 words. Please include the weblink to the article so that it can be viewed.
* The report should be 2,000 - 2,200 words in length, excluding references. 
* You need to include a minimum of 7 peer reviewed/journal articles as your ferences.
* No executive summary is required, use report structure with headings, introduction, body (critical analysis section) conclusion and recommendations
* Times New Roman, font size 12 points, 1.5 line spacing should be used
* Harvard referencing system should be used
* Please check your similarity rating, ideally it should not be more than 10%
Tips to help you with Assessment 2
 As this assessment is an individual media report, please don’t forget to include a few key headings.   Without headings then your work would resemble the essay format.
You only need to choose ONE article, from the past 12 months.  If may be you’ve found a great, fabulous article and it is 18 months old and you really want to use it, then this is ok.   We are allowing some flexibility in the age of the article but anything over 2 years is a NO and should not be used.
Make sure that you include a web link to the article so that the tutors can also read your article. 
Below are examples of media articles that are NOT good choices and examples of GOOD choices.  You’ll see that the poor choices of articles do not give you enough information to critically evaluate and expand discussion so that you can demonstrate your own knowledge of CCM theory.  You’ll need to talk about how the article illustrates one or more of the CCM theoretical principles
 Good examples:
or (No paywall version here)
 Remember you need to include 7 scholarly articles.   These articles are taken from Journals.
Make sure that your reference list is in alpha order and the font, capital letters and punctuation is consistent in the reference list. 
 To ensure that your media report demonstrates good academic writing, try to ensure that each section of the report includes in-text referencing to indicate that your discussion is supported by research.
 Take care not to describe the article or re-tell the story about the article.  Just select elements of the article that you want to critically discuss that will support one or more of the CCM theoretical principles.