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The number of word count shall be within 4,000 words . I want nation be Malaysia
Course Code SEM207
Course Name Basic Econometrics
Lecturer AP. Dr. Sayyed Mahdi Ziaei
Academic Session 2022/04
Assessment Title Assignment: Identifying determinants of GDP of selected nation
A. Introduction/ Situation/ Background Information
To complete the training in econometric modelling techniques, the assignment aims at assessing student’s ability in applying the skills and knowledge learnt in SEM207 to build a model in explaining the determinants of a selected nation’s GDP. Each student is required to collect macroeconomic data of a nation that are relevant in explaining the country GDP. Regression technique is used to building relationship relating determinants to GDP. The exercise also entails assessing the adequacy of the fitted model. Students may need to perform related large scale data analysis with computer software EViews. Students were required to submit a report in stipulated format in accordance to SEM requirements together with the computer software outputs of the analysis to demonstrate their ability to carry out the analysis.
B. Course Learning Outcomes (CLO) covered
At the end of this assessment, students are able to:
CLO 1 Grasp fundamental definitions and models of Econometrics.
CLO 2 Use correct models to analyze economic and financial data and test effectiveness.
CLO 3 Develop the sense of the correlation between variations.
C. University Policy on Academic Misconduct
1. Academic misconduct is a serious offense in Xiamen University Malaysia. It can be defined as any of the following:
i. Plagiarism is submitting or presenting someone else’s work, words, ideas, data or information as your own intentionally or unintentionally. This includes incorporating published and unpublished material, whether in manuscript, printed or electronic form into your work without acknowledging the source (the person and the work).
ii. Collusion is two or more people collaborating on a piece of work (in part or whole) which is intended to be wholly individual and passed it off as own individual work.
iii. Cheating is an act of dishonesty or fraud in order to gain an unfair advantage in an assessment. This includes using or attempting to use, or assisting another to use materials that are prohibited or inappropriate, commissioning work from a third party, falsifying data, or breaching any examination rules.
2. All the assessment submitted must be the outcome of the student. Any form of academic misconduct is a serious offense which will be penalized by being given a zero mark for the entire assessment in question or part of the assessment in question. If there is more than one guilty party as in the case of collusion, both you and your collusion partner(s) will be subjected to the same penalty.
D. Instruction to Students
You are required submit a report for the given task (details are provided in part F). The number of word count shall be within 4,000 words .
The report should be submitted in week 13 and late submission will not be entertained. The format of the report is explained below:
Font and spacing: Times New Roman, 12pt, Single spacing with page numbered
Referencing: APA or Harvard Business referencing (choose either one only)
Plagiarism check: Submit the Turnitin report and index must be less than 20%
Students are required to submit two files;
1. Individual assignment( word)
2. Turnitin report(pdf)
Class ID: 32575339
Enrollment Key: econ2021
Students are required to carry out the tasks listed below and marks will be rewarded according to mark allocation and the fulfillment of number of components.
E. Evaluation Breakdown
No. Component Title Percentage of assessment (%)
1. State the objective of each analysis 25
2. Describe the related concept, theory etc. 25
3. Apply the estimation procedure to get the required results 25
4. Correct interpretation of results 25
F. Task(s)
No. Tasks Marks
1. Collection of relevant macroeconomic data and analysis of their behavior and relationship with the dependent variables 25
2. Regression between GDP and its determinants and check of adequacy of the fit. Pay particular attention to:
• Stability of residuals variance (standard deviation) you may need to apply transformation techniques such as log-log, log-linear, linear-log or linear-linear
• Diagnostic test : Multicollinearity, Heteroscedasticity and autocorrelation tests (check for related remdial measures) 55
3. Report findings in appropriate format with clarity 20

Tasks Percentage (%)
Criteria Score and Descriptors Marks
(Fulfill 4) Good
(Fulfill 3) Average
(Fulfill 2) Need Improvement
(Fulfill 1)
1 25 18.75 12.5 6.25 25
2 55 41.25 27.5 13.75 55
3 20 15 10 5 20