Recent Question/Assignment

Reflective Journals
You are required, to reflect on your Scope of Practice through each of the Standards from your NMBA Standards for Practice- Enrolled Nurses (2016). You will be using your experience gained from your last Professional Experience Placement.
You will answer a question that relates to an NMBA EN Standard for Practice. You are to read that standard and question then, using a reflective model, write a 125-150 word reflective answer.
You may choose any reflective model that you find easy to relate to; for example, the Gibbs Reflective Cycle, the REFLECT model or the 5R’s Model.
You will find below the questions with the related NMBA Standards for Enrolled Nurses (2016).
Q1. Reflect on how you demonstrated ‘Duty of Care’ towards a client whilst following policy and procedures on placement
Standard 1: Functions in accordance with the law, policies and procedures affecting EN practice
Q2. Reflect, while you were on placement, how you demonstrated culturally safe care, practicing dignity and confidentiality
Standard 2: Practises nursing in a way that ensures the rights, confidentiality, dignity and respect of people are upheld.
Q3. Reflect and explain a skill you performed on placement that, in retrospect, was below standard care.
Standard 3: Accepts accountability and responsibility for own actions.
Q4. Reflect on the first set of observation you performed on a client and how you recorded that information.
Standard 4: Interprets information from a range of sources in order to contribute to planning appropriate care
Q5. Reflect on your communications with a multi-disciplinary healthcare team member.
Standard 5: Collaborates with the RN, the person receiving care and the healthcare team when developing plans of care
Q6. Reflect on your time management skills from placement, how did they improve?
Standard 6: Provides skilled and timely care to people whilst promoting their independence and involvement in care decision–making
Q7. Reflect on your progress note writing from your aged care placement.
Standard 7: Communicates and uses documentation to inform and report care
Q8. Reflect on the skill from question 3 and explain where you were required to use problem-solving and analysis of a situation whilst on placement.
Standard 8: Provides nursing care that is informed by research evidence
Q9. Reflect on the changes you will make to performing the skill you used in question 3.
Standard 9: Practises within safety and quality improvement guidelines and standard
Q10. Reflect on how, as a student EN, you can promote a positive professional image of nursing.
Standard 10: Engages in ongoing development of self as a professional