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Department Language Education, Arts and Culture
Teaching Language Structures and Conventions in English as the First Additional Language in the
Intermediate Phase ACI2602
Assessment number: 2 Total marks: 100
Due date: 11 May 2022
Unique number: 898583 Instructions:
•The assignment has four questions, you have to answer all the questions.
•Please number your questions clearly (according to the numbers in the assignment).
•Please note that some of the questions have sub-questions. Answer all the sub-questions.
•You must answer the questions in your own words. Do not copy verbatim from tutorial letters, study guides or any other source, unless you quote and do proper referencing.
•The mark allocation should guide you regarding the length of an answer. A sub-question counting 10 marks should contain ten facts and a sub-question counting 5 marks should contain five facts.
•Please consult the study guide when answering the assignment questions.
Consult CAPS English First Additional Language for Grades 4 to 6 to answer the following questions.
1.1 Explain in your own words the four purposes of language learning as explained in CAPS. (15)
1.2 A clear differentiation is made between Home Language learning and Additional Language learning. What, according to CAPS, are the main purposes of South African children learning English as a First
Additional language? (15)
1.3 Explain what CAPS says about what the learners will learn through -Language Structures and
Conventions-. (15)
1.4 Explain briefly, in your own words, the two main approaches to language teaching, as explained in
Analyse the first two weeks of language learning in figure 1. Discuss the alignment between the teaching plan for -Language Structures and Conventions for Grade 4-, in CAPS (DBE 2011:33) (figure 2) and the textbook. List the language structures and conventions and how they are addressed in the textbook. (15)
Figure 1: Grade 4 English FAL DBE (2020) workbook
Figure 2: Grade 4 term 1 teaching plan CAPS English FAL Intermediate Phase (DBE 2011:33)
Explain how the following text can be used to teach the past tense and the use of punctuation marks using the text-based approach. (15)
The people who hugged the trees
One morning, Amrita spotted a troop of men with heavy axes. They were headed towards the forest. The Maharajah, a powerful prince, wanted the wood to build a fortress. Amrita ran to the forest.
-Please, leave my tree,- Amrita begged. -Chop me instead.- She hugged her special tree with all her strength. The axeman shoved her away and swung his blade. Again and again, the axeman chopped until Amritas tree crashed to the ground. Amrita knelt and wept. Her arms tenderly grasped the trees dying branches.
Villagers jumped in front of the other trees, preventing the axe men from cutting them down. This angered the Maharajah. -Cut the trees down,- he shouted.
Just then, a violent sandstorm broke out in the desert. Sand piled high around the village. Amrita saw that the trees stopped the desert from destroying the well and the village. The Maharajah stood and stared at the forest. He too observed this fact.
-You have shown great courage and wisdom to protect your trees. Your trees will not be cut,- the Maharajah declared. -Your forest will always remain a green place in the desert.-
The people rejoiced when they heard his words. They sang and danced long into the night.
4. Use the game in figure 4 to explain how communicative competencies can be integrated in the
process of playing the game. (15)
Figure 4: Play the Tense Game, Grade 6 English FAL DBE (2020) workbook
TOTAL: 100
1. I know that plagiarism means taking and using the ideas, writings, works or inventions of another as if they were one’s own. I know that plagiarism not only includes verbatim copying, but also the extensive use of another person’s ideas without proper acknowledgement (which includes the proper use of quotation marks) or any attempt to cheat the plagiarism checking system. I know that plagiarism covers the use of material found in textual sources and from the Internet.
2. I acknowledge and understand that plagiarism is wrong.
3. I understand that my assignment/exam answers must be accurately referenced.
4. This assignment/exam file/portfolio is my own work. I acknowledge that copying someone else’s work, or part of it, is wrong, and that submitting identical work to others constitutes a form of plagiarism.
5. I have not allowed, nor will I in the future allow, anyone to copy my work with the intention of passing it off as their own work.
6. I understand that I can be awarded 0% if I have plagiarized.
7. I understand that my assignment/exam file/portfolio may be submitted automatically to Turnitin.
8. I confirm that I have read and understood the following UNISA policies:
8.1 Policy for Copyright and Plagiarism
8.2 Policy on Academic Integrity
8.3 Student Disciplinary Code
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