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I need assistance with question 3D where I have to develop a system vision document. All the details are in the attachment
INSS101 Group assignment
Due date: 9 May 2022
Question 1
For this question, you are required to carefully read the systems requirements statement and the process of assigning tasks to members. Basically, this describes an assigning task to members use case.
Systems requirements statement
The Project Director creates the teams for a given project, assigns employees to the teams, and assigns a team leader.
The Project Manager is responsible for assigning tasks to the various teams working on the projects(s).
The Team Leader assigns tasks to the team members. For all intents and purposes, the various team leaders in the class will mimic this because they are also responsible for assigning tasks to their team members working on this case (automating these activities).
The process of assigning tasks to members
The team leader handles this activity. The team leader will start by selecting a team member chosen for his/her team; and, subsequently, will choose tasks from a list box and assign those selected tasks to the selected team member. This process would be repeated until all team members have been assigned the tasks for which they are responsible. This will be communicated to the project manager so that the project manager can assemble a complete Gantt chart and PERT chart for the business system project.
You are required to draw an activity diagram for this particular use case. You are encouraged to use your own creativity in augmenting any additional functionality as long as you specify your assumptions. You need to show all the activities done by the system, project director, project manager and team leader. In addition to that you need to also show all the conditions/decisions that are taken and not forgetting the starting point and ending point of the activity diagram.
(20 marks)
Question 2
At our university, students register for degrees. A student may register for one or more degrees over time. However, the university offers the degree, even if no students register for it. The university keeps records of the degree’s name, the degree’s abbreviation, the total number of credits required, and the minimum and maximum completion time. The university also keeps records of each student’s number, name, surname, address and cell phone number.
Draw an Entity-Relationship diagram of this situation, showing the entities, attributes, relationship(s), cardinalities and primary keys. Denote your primary key with a double asterisk** (15 marks)
Question 3
You have been tasked with developing an automated system to replace the current, manual, error-prone process. The automation of this activity has been welcomed by management for quite some time with the anticipation of significantly reducing the company’s expenses. It is hoped that this reduction will be accomplished by 1) creating more successful teams working with greater precision, 2) completing projects on time and within budget due to a better understanding of system requirements and tasks to be completed, and 3) starting projects on time as a result of the automated project scheduling system.
Assumptions on the type of system, developments teams and duration of the project is encouraged to show creativity in the group.
a. What are the two information gathering techniques are you would use in order to develop this automated system? (5marks)
b. State and explain the type of model that can assist in completing this task. (5marks)
c. Draw a responsibility-based work breakdown structure to illustrate the different activities that need to be completed in order to deliver the system. (10 marks).
d. Develop a system vision document for the system (10 marks)
Question 4
In a Book publishing system, the system must be able to do the following: In order to publish a story there is a Writer who will draft a story on the system. The system should allow the writer to revise the story. The Editor reviews the story. The Editor also suggest edits. Then there is the Proofreader who will also review the story and suggest edits. The Agent will sell the story. Then there is the Distributor who will package the story. And lastly there is the Bookseller who will deliver story to consumers.
From the scenario given above, answer the following questions:
a. Outline how you can use the user-goal and event decomposition technique in determining user requirements. (5 marks)
b. Draw a Use Case diagram for the Book publishing system. (10 marks)
Question 5
When a new customer comes to the library to open a library user account, the librarian first login the online library management system. The library management system checks if all user details have been entered correctly. He then enters the details of the user into the user credentials database and select account type. Once user credentials have been captured on credentials database and the account has been registered successful an email is sent to the customer.
From the scenario given above, you are supposed to draw a sequence diagram showing how the different objects interact with the library system and show all messages that flow between the objects. (10 marks).
Question 6
You have been appointed as a systems analyst at a production company which has over 5 branches in the different provinces in South Africa. Your task is to assist in developing a new system that will deal with the bottle neck in the production line in the different branches.
Outline the importance of distributing questionnaires and doing observations in the information gathering process, especially with the given case. (10 marks)