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Focused on managed funds, risk profile, gearing, client investment and saving plans.
ACCT 2285
Wealth Creation and Estate Planning
Assessment name: Assessment Task 2: Case study report
Weight: 40%
Assignment due date: Week 10 [Friday 13th May 2022, 11.30pm AEST/AEDT]
Length: Maximum 4000 words
Feedback mode:
Feedback will be provided on the submitted document using Turtitins marking tools and general comments. There are variety of tools when marking assignments through Turnitin, so please be aware. This may include marked feedback, short comments and detailed suggestion on how to improve the work in the future.
Assessment Declaration:
I declare that in submitting all work for this assessment I have read, understood and agree to the content and expectations of the Assessment declaration.
Learning Objectives Assessed:
This assignment assesses Learning Objectives CLO2, CLO3, CLO4, CLO5, CLO6 and CLO7.
Graduate Outcomes supported:
This assessment supports the following Graduate Outcomes:
• Apply a broad theoretical and technical knowledge of business practice in diverse contexts
• Apply theoretical and technical knowledge to provide in-depth specialist and professional advice related to financial markets, investments, superannuation, retirement planning, insurance and social planning
• Critically analyse and synthesise information to formulate effective business and financial decisions
• Apply reasoned judgements to solve problems in a variety of business contexts with reference to ethical, regulatory and global perspectives
• Reflect on performance feedback to identify and action strategies for improvement
• Communicate business data and concepts to professionals and non-professionals in diverse contexts

Case Study Assignment (Instructions)
Case study
See the Client Data Form in the Assignment folder.
Your task is to take the role of an adviser and provide Dominic and Jasmine with a report that addresses the following:
1. Assess their goals and objectives and personal circumstances (3 marks)
2. Recommend a savings and investment plan that best meets their goals and objectives. (5 marks)
3. A detailed assessment of the client’s risk profile (including an interpretation of their answers to the risk profile questions in the Client Data Form) and asset allocation that is suitable for them. (10 marks)
4. Select and recommend a product with explanation (4 marks). You are going to select one product from Russel Investment Fund and one product from Vanguard as their investment for comparison.
5. You are required to analyse two products (10 marks). You will choose two products in task 4 and here provide a table which compares the costs and features, including the investment objectives and styles. (This table and any narrative should be included as an attachment to the client report.) Make it explicitly clear which of two products you recommend and why.
6. Advise the clients on whether gearing is suitable for them (4 marks). Justify this recommendation and what level of gearing you would recommend. You need to explain to the clients in detail the risks and benefits associated with gearing.
7. Provide the clients with projections (4 marks). You can use the MoneySmart managed fund calculator and/or the savings and investment calculator to model their outcome. These calculators can be found at

• The word limit for your report is 4000 words – you can include appendices.
• You are not required to provide a Statement of Advice (SOA). However, your report needs to be presented in a professional, clear and concise manner that a retail client would be able to easily read and understand.
• Remember that clients do not always provide all relevant information. You may be required to make some assumptions in your report. This is fine, so long as it is clearly noted in the body of the report or in a footnote.
• Client’s circumstances may be incompatible with their expressed goals. If this is the case an advisor must point this out to the clients and suggest more realistic or achievable goals.