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• BUSINESS PROPOSAL for the T & H Event. The PROPOSAL Structure should include, but limited to my suggestion
• • PPT1- Propose a Major International Tourism & Hospitality- International Sports and Cultural Event (_
innovative and attractive powerful first (1) page. Use colour, image, music, action)
• • PPT 2 - Brief on the International Event in either NSW or Victoria.
• • PPT 3- New strategy and target markets- your rationale,
• • PPT 4- Brief proposal on Tourism Sustainable project at the Event
• • PPT 5- Promotion of the Event- Digital Media to reach domestic and international Tourist markets
• • PPT 6 - Propose a Three (3) year Action Plans to Increase Tourism and Hospitality and measure organisational performance of EVENT.
• • PPT 7- Conclusion.
• • Add any other power points where required.

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