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Please find attached assignment and rubric. Please note number of words min is 4000 and max is 5000. please follow the rubric.

PROGRAMME Postgraduate Diploma in Family Business Management
Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management
MODULE Organisational Behaviour
INTAKE January 2022
YEAR One (1)

Answer ALL the questions in this section.
Question 1
All contemporary organisations operating in an uncertain economic climate, need to know how to manage change in order to survive. For businesses to withstand today’s competitive environment, they must frequently examine its processes and performance strategies to better understand what changes need to be made. Change nowadays is a reality for businesses and those which resist change, risk losing their competitive edge.
To complete this project, you are required to select an organisation that you are familiar with and the business environment in which it operates. Analyse the internal and external business environment and answer the following questions.
You are required to study the business environment of the selected organisation and develop a report document for executives on the management of the business environment and organisational change dynamics. The report should provide clear reference to the organisational context and extensive application of relevant theory. The headings and structure of the report should be guided by the following areas or sub questions that must be effectively addressed in the report:
1.1 Analyse how the organisation may apply one popular model in managing planned change in response to the impact of the task environment and advise management in the organisation on how they should go about managing the business management environment. (20 marks)
1.2 Analyse the organisational structure used by the organisation and its relevance to the business environment. The discussion should debate the merits and demerits of the organisational structure. (20 marks)
1.3 Revising organisational structures is often perceived as a way to improve efficiency, promote teamwork, create synergy or reduce costs. However, the management of your organisation is not clear on whether structure follows strategy or is it strategy that follows structure. Assess the relationship that exist between organisational structure and strategy. Refer to the selected organisation for relevant examples to substantiate your answer. (20 marks)
1.4 Summary and overall conclusion of the report. (5 marks)
1.5 Introduction, overview of the report and organisational background (5 marks)
1.6 In the context of your organisation, provide a critical evaluation on impact of the task environment on organisational change. (15 marks)
1.7 Discuss the application of the Porter’s five forces to determine your organisation’s competitive advantage and long term sustainability. (15 marks)