Recent Question/Assignment

I'm doing my master's in International Politics and one of the projects we are assigned requires using R-studio. More precisely, we were given the freedom to choose a topic of political science which can be examined quantitatively. I, thus, chose to examine how climate change impacts the prevalence of poverty. Therefore, the dependent variable will be the prevalence of poverty (I'm using the Human Development Index for the operationalisation of poverty), whereas the independent variable will be climate change vulnerability and readiness (I'm using the Notre Dame climate change vulnerability index). We'll have to recode the variables, create some crosstabs, and conduct statistical tests. I have 11 variables for climate change (I can limit them) and 5 for poverty. My main problem is recoding them and accounting for control variables and I might only need help for that. Please find attached the project I'm working on (as much as I managed to do on my onw), as well as the datasets I'm using.