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Each student will submit an essay which demonstrates application of core theories of the unit to a case study. This piece will allow the student to demonstrate their developing skills of identifying health care priorities and person-centred nursing care.
Week 10, Wednesday 11 May, 2022
LOs Assessed LO 4, 5 & 6 from the Extended Unit outline, available in the LEO Information tile.
Task As well as responding to challenging situations using advanced psychomotor skills, Registered Nurses use sophisticated thinking abilities to apply clinical reasoning as they make decisions about patients with complex and diverse health care needs (Levett-Jones, 2018). There are 3 family members included in this case study that you can choose from. Please review the family information provided to you in the Demetriou family case study located in Appendix B of the unit outline (pg 17 of unit outline).
In written essay format you are required to pick ONE (1) member of the
Demetriou family and apply the first FOUR (4) phases of the Clinical
Reasoning Cycle to demonstrate how a beginning nurse might plan the care of this one individual.
Target Audience Lay people.
Via the appropriate Turnitin dropbox, located on the NRSG 138 LEO page, Submission under the Assessment tile.
Optional/ don’t have to be used:
Level 2 Headings Flush left, bold, capitalize each word (12-point Calibri or Arial)
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Essay Structure as per the Academic Skills Unit guide :
Introduction- what will you present to the reader?
Body- Stage 1, 2 3 & 4 of the CRC presenting your application to the case study client (use subheadings if you wish) Conclusion- what did you present?
Structure References- in APA 7 format
Always require page number. No more than 10% of WC in direct quotes – see Direct quotes formatting requirements within the APA 7 guide
Header Page number top right corner (9 point Calibri or Arial)
Footer Name _ Student Number_ Assessment _ Unit _ Year (9 point Calibri or Arial)
Published in the last 5 years as this area of knowledge is rapidly developing.
Age of References Note that this excludes seminal (original) works, which have no age limitations. Reference List
Late penalties will be applied from 9:01am on the 11th of May, 2022, incurring 5% penalty of the maximum marks available up to a maximum of 15%. Assessment tasks received more than three calendar days after the due or extended date will not be allocated a mark.
An assignment is submitted 12 hours late and is initially marked at 60 out of 100. A 5% penalty is applied (5% of 100 is 5 marks). Therefore, the student receives 55 out of 100 as a final mark.
Late Penalties Penalty Timeframe
9:01 am Wednesday to 9 am Thursday
9:01am Thursday to 9am Friday
9:01am Friday to 9am Saturday Received after 9:01 Saturday Penalty
5% penalty
10% penalty
15% penalty
No mark allocated Marks Deducted
5 marks
10 marks
15 marks n/a
Marks for the final assessment (assessment three) of this unit will be withheld Final Assignment until after grade ratification and grade release at the end of semester.
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