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University of Auckland Department of Property
Land Use Planning Property-241
Course Assignment #1 2022
This assignment comprises 10% of the final course mark.
This assignment is to be handed in by 6 May 2022. Assignments must be submitted no later than 4.00 PM in MS Word or PDF format on Canvas. If an assignment is submitted late you will lose marks as per the department’s policy on ‘handing in assignments and granting extensions’:
Assignments handed in up to 3 teaching days (or weekdays during a mid semester break or study/exam period) late will automatically lose 20% of the total marks possible. Assignments handed in more than 3 days late and up to one week late will automatically lose 50% of the total marks possible. Assignments handed in more than one week after the specified hand-in date and time will receive no marks.
Write a short essay of no more than 1500 words.
The Government has recently passed the “Resource Management (Enabling Housing Supply and Other Matters) Amendment Act 2021”.
1. Please briefly explain the purpose of the Amendment Act. (3 Marks)
2. Please undertake a critical analysis of the Medium Density Residential Standards (or MDRS), as set out in Schedule 3A of the Amendment Act, as a whole and assess whether this will be a good thing or not. You must give reasons for and against your views. The use of examples will assist. (7 Marks)
This assignment is designed to help you develop further skills in researching and analysing planning information and thinking about the implications of various processes, and will not be the subject of a specific lecture. You must undertake this analysis yourself – group work is not permitted.