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you must write an official review of THE CHERRY ORCHARD, produced by THE WILMA. Think about the layout, a photo, etc. of the article/review itself, and have a title to your review.
You don’t have to attend the play, you can research what is the play about and I included some pictures in OneDrive
For this -You Are The Reviewer- project, the review should look like a real one! I will not accept something that is just a Word doc. It should look like a newspaper or or found in a magazine. You can create it as if it is a newspaper or magazine, but not an internet review.
This week your review should be around 500 words. I have uploaded several images to the OneDrive of the show that you may use in your review. Take your pick. You can use as many as you wish, but you must use at least TWO. Please note that these photos may not be from the actual WILMA production. But that's ok, you'll get the vibe of the show when you see it.
Your review should follow the guidelines mentioned in the websites above - as well as the
PDF entitled Writing a Review - and be a good read. Please make your review interesting. You don't want to bore me!
Have someone else (doesn't have to be someone from this class) proof it.
I've included some examples literally cut from magazines and newspapers., as well as some previous semester students' work. BE SURE TO SAVE THE PLAYBILL so you can use the actual character, actor, designer names, name of director, and whatever other information you need!

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