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if you need more information please contact me. assessment required a minimum of 5 quality peer-reviewed research papers and references.
Assessment item 2 - Theory of Caring and Mindful Communication
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Value: 60%
Due Date: 16-May-2022
Return Date: 08-Jun-2022
Length: 1200
Group Assessment: No
Submission method options: EASTS (online)
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This assessment is an academic papers that is to include an introduction and conclusion:
Introduction 100 words
Conclusion 100 words
Part A (600 words)
Using the readings made available in the Assessment 2 folder, describe how Caritas Processes and caring in practice from Watson’s theory of transpersonal caring can assist the student registered nurse to create opportunities for caring moments to support safe care for the patient and family.
Part B (400 words)
Describe your understanding of the application of mindfulness in therapeutic communication to nursing practice.
A minimum of three (3) credible, reliable, appropriate and scholarly sources must be used to support your work.*
*Credible, reliable, appropriate and scholarly sources include peer reviewed journal articles, professional body documents and textbooks. Apply the CRAP test to any publications from the internet before using them, most are best avoided. Also avoid references to any publication with no date (ND) or information sources directly from the I2 modules.
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This assessment task will assess the following learning outcome/s:
• be able to identify the core principles of Watsons Caring Science.
• be able to describe the use of mindful communication in the delivery of patient care.
See other attachments for other required documents and need some quality reference from quality peer reviewed paper.