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Ankara Yildirim Beyazit University Department of Architecture
PWR 520 Building Physical in a Changing
Name: Environment
Student ID: Midterm Exam 20/04/2022
^1. In the following chart a typical summer day measurement (24 hours) is illustrated for a built environment.
a) What type of climate does this measurement possibly belongs to? Explain how you come up with the decision.
b) What kind of passive control applications can be conducted? Explain how these applications work.
? Temperature [°C] ? Relative Humidity [%]
2. Following pictures belong to a school building in northern hemisphere.
a) What type of climate may have influenced this building design? Explain how you come up with the decision.
b) By analyzing the pictures, what type of environmental design decisions possibly have been taken?
3. Following picture represents an annual polar wind diagram.
a) Analyze the diagram: which wind speed interval occurs most, is there a prevailing wind ..
b) Presumably, if this diagram is generated in a continental climate, how you decide the building orientation?
4. Following picture illustrates a building section of a single family house in a step climate.
Gray hatched part represents a thermal mass. Letters a, b, c, and d represents vents attached to the green house and thermal mass. Which vents should be open in a typical summer day?
Please explain your decision.
5. Which one is the correct order for enhancing the energy performance of an
existing building?
a) Analyzing the energy consumption- Diagnosing air infiltration- Improving building envelop- Installing energy efficient appliances
b) Diagnosing air infiltration- Improving building envelop- Analyzing the energy consumption- Installing energy efficient appliances
c) Installing energy efficient appliances- Analyzing the energy consumption- Diagnosing air
infiltration--Improving building envelop
Diagnosing air infiltration- Improving building envelop- Installing energy efficient appliances-Analyzing the energy consumption Keep calm and do nothing.
6. Heat transfer from the high-temperature region to the low-temperature region can occur in three ways: conduction, convection and radiation. Which of these ways causes the most destruction on a building material in a building with poor energy performance?
a) Conduction b) Convection c) Radiation
8. In a hot dry climate, which of these following application will improve the building energy performance of a house?
? adding thermal masses interior spaces receiving direct sunlight
? adding thermal masses interior spaces receiving indirect sunlight
? adding thick insulation material on the exterior wall
? installing large windows on the facades receiving indirect sunlight
? using low-e windows
? building a greenhouse space on the facade receiving direct sunlight
? installing louvers infront of the glazings
? employing a lightweight structure
? installing dehumidifiers
? enabling gray water recycling
? using energy efficient appliances
9. In the following psychometric chart P1 is the measurement of an interior space. With some input on the interior air, P1 can be moved in va rious directions. Which of the following statements are true?
? In order to move in the direction number 3, the system must be heated
? Moisture removed by sorbent in direction 2
? When P1 moved in the direction 3, the moisture content will decrease
? In direction 1 while humidity increases temperature will decrease
? In order to move in direction 4, a chemical intervention is required for dehumidification
10. Which of the following statements are true?
? In northern hemisphere, northern facades should employ windows with smallersizes
? In southern hemisphere the southern facade should have daylight control
? In northern hemisphere greenhouses should be attached on the southern facade of a building
? July sun should enter to a building sited in southern hemisphere in a hot dry clim
? In Canada, December sun should be avoided from interior spaces
ate- 5
11. The size and the shape of an overhang can vary by:
? Diurnal temperature differences
? The orientation of the building
? The longitude of the building location
? The latitude of the building location
? Seasonal temperature differences
12. A sun path diagram is given in the following picture.
Which of the following scenarios applies best for Ankara 39.9° N, building orientation 40 °SE a) VSA -20° and HSA 30 °
b) VSA 0° and HSA 60 °
c) VSA -10° and HSA 70
Explain all of the scenarios: when they receive sun (what time of the year and what time of the day)? Depending on this evaluation build up your argument.
Few remarks:
• All of the questions should be answered on a A4 white paper with your own handwritings. You cannot find any direct answers from books or digital medium. So, authenticity of your sentences is required. Do not use the same sentences with your classmates be original!
• «Explain» or «describe» means you should write full sentences. Words floating around won’t be graded.
l Wish you good luck!