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Weight: 20%
Type of Collaboration: Individual
Due: Friday 6th May, 11.59pm.
Length: 500 words (nominal - this item may be a creative and variable product)
Curriculum mode: presentation ( presentation will be on the Microsoft powerpoint
NB. ’Presentation’ does not mean that you have to ’present’ your artefact (object) physically in class. Most of the submissions are in the form of an image presented on a powerpoint slide.
The word count of 500 words may vary and is a guide to the weighting of the assessment. Many previous artefacts had no, or very few, words as the were objects or images that expressed the requirements of the assessment without the need for explanation.
Overview: This assignment is meant to encourage a creative engagement with your community in order to promote thinking about it differently - the possibilities for what may be produced.
You are invited to present an artefact (item or object) that represents you in your community - a thing that is emblematic of your community. Below are some ideas about how you might do this.
The emphasis is on using alternatives to traditional written products such as essays and reports and to produce a visual artefact or product that represents the essence of your community. Poetry, song, video/film, community radio features, art, artefacts (things/objects), are all examples of creative products that could be submitted, but this is not an exclusive list. How these things will be marked will also be discussed in class as the criteria will be negotiable. The emphasis will be on how well the product communicates the connection to the community. Key questions for assessment will be: How well does this tell the story of me in my community? How does it communicate critical reflection on my role in the community? Does it represent a thoughtful and substantial effort to address these questions?
Marking Criteria:
The application of the criteria will be dependent on the nature of the artefact.
50% will be based on the idea - i.e. How well does it tell the story and how well does it communicate critical reflection on your role in the community?
50% will be based on the product. - i.e. Does it show a thoughtful and substantial effort to address the question?

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 733 words including References

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