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the question will be used as a place to critically think about the field of design. the discipline of design has always adapted and evolved ever since the term graphic design was first coined by william addison dwiggins in 1922. design is currently experiencing an immense shift in its practices as broader uses of design are being adopted by industry around the globe.students are expected to respond to this issue with a critical response. this can include asking further questions or uploading materials on the subject that delves into the issue (such as articles, examples, etc).
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Guerrilla usability testing is a fast and reliable design process that is primarily used to test outcomes and
usability (Adiseshiah, 2022).
The Guerilla model thrives off of approaching and testing regular people rather than a select group of
participants in advance. This could include interviewing common people in a natural, laidback environment.
The design process has 5 stages, that are repeated and cycled through until an optimal/perfected product is
These stages include: preplanning, exploration, design, quality assurance and feedback.
1. Set goal, gather information, research data
2. Apply learnt information, explore design choices
3. Create mockups
4. Edit and finalise touchpoints
5. Test product, reach out to the community, interview
6. Use feedback to rework product, and then repeat the cycle from step 1
The Guerilla model is good for quick, cheap and reputable results. Making it an ideal design process for low budget projects (Adiseshiah, 2022). However, since the model does not exclusively target the projects target audience. Results can be convoluted and very different.
Adiseshiah, Emily Grace. “Guerrilla Usability Testing: How To Introduce It In Your Next UX
Project” (Accessed March 17th, 2022)
What brand elements are used in modern brands and how? Choose a brand identity and demonstrate (via critical analysis) how the designer has developed the meaning for the brand audience using the elements mentioned in this weeks lecture. What is the meaning and how does it work?
Instagrams well-known identity has held a consistent and unique face until it began to rebrand itself and its app. From a detailed polaroid camera floating with distinct features and colours, Instagrams new logo is now flat, minimalist and straight to the point (Internet Logos 2017). Moreover, to keep up with trends in design and interests, the unique appearance for Instagram has been snatched off a pictorial face, now a slightly more abstract design from its original design with the use of purple, blue, orange hue to symbolise the -camera face-.
Furthermore, graphic design trends are about minimalism, nature elements, simple fonts, abstract psychedelia, or retro-futurism (Digital Resources 2020). Hence, the era of artificial intelligence where multiple brands use AI logo makers to update their logos has led many big brands to rely on technology for rebranding heavily. Instagram sets the trend for other brands to follow in design, layout, and identity, which is why it attracts users. After all these years, Instagrams new logo has become very familiar to us, integrating well into our daily lives.
References: Image:
Choose a brand identity and explain (via critical analysis) how this brand demonstrates at least three of the following elements:
1. meaning
2. authenticity
3. vision
4. coherence
5. durability
6. differentiation
7. flexibilty
8. commitment
9. value
The Amazon brand is very well known and is easily recognised all around the world. Amazon shares a fair bit of its history when it comes to its identity and what it stands for. Amazon has a fair share of brand identity that it stands for and here are some elements that the brand has demonstrated.
Meaning - Amazon is a big corporation and has some well-known meaning behind its brand logo. The word Amazon stands for -Massive,- and thats how Amazon wants to portray it. The yellow arrow on their logo that starts with the letter A and goes to Z, implies that they sell everything from A to Z. The yellow arrow also represents a smile that Amazon put on the faces of its customers. Amazon is heavily focused on getting the best and most positive experience out of its customers.
Vision - Amazons vision is to be earths most customer-focused company. They want to build a place where people can go to find and discover anything they might want to buy online.
Values - Amazon has many ranges of values and some of the major values Amazon have is its customers experience, as they want the customers to buy what they might want to buy and give the best experience they can to make people happy. Some other values consist of Ownership, Invent and Simplify, Learn and Be Curious, Hire the Best, The Highest Standards, Think Big, Bias for Action, Earn Trust, and Deliver Results.
COMPARABLY. 2022. Amazon Mission, Vision and Values. amazon/mission
logomyway. 2022. Amazon Logo and its History. #:~:text=Whats%20the%20meaning%20of%20the,focused%20on%20positive%20customer%20experien ces.?
Consider brands throughout history and what methods have been used to connect people emotionally with these brands. Isolate at least two brands and deconstruct/compare the emotional messages within these brands. How have they created trust and loyalty through emotional communication?
The emotional connections brands create with their consumers is key to success within our consumerist society. But how exactly do brands make these connections? What makes a brand loveable? Trustworthy? Loyal? To answer these questions its best to review successful brands, their relationship with their consumers and how those relationships came to be. Both Apple and Razer, despite being quite different brands, have created a great connection with their customers through their emotional design, especially their aesthetics and the culture that surrounds them.
Apple is a well known brand in many societies across the world, known for its aesthetic hardware, user interface and overall branding. The company itself has built a reputation as one of the most popular tech brands in the world, and continues to hold this title due to their emotional design. The visceral aspect of Apple’s branding is probably their most notable element, with Steve Jobs famously stating, “People don’t know what they want until we show it to them”, which in the case of these aesthetic products, was very true. Apple’s main attribute was the look of their product as “The stylish look of Apple products is one of the many reasons why everyone is so crazy about Apple products” (Prajapati 2020). This visceral aspect is what drew people in and its what keeps consumers around. The aesthetic of the product brings about an essence of affluence, reliability and intelligence, all of which sourced a large community of consumers of whom trust this brand, often above others, to provide them with a product they both want and ‘need’. Aside from the visceral aspect of their emotional design, Apple also offers behavioural and reflective design, promoting a strong, reliable, smart product that reflects the idea of the technological future. But these elements hold no light to the visceral element that clearly outshines them in Apples branding.
(Apple 2021)
Like Apple, Razer also thrives on the visceral element of their emotional design to cater towards their consumers. This visceral design opens up their culture, a culture of which many gamers wish to be a part of purely for the aesthetic. Despite razer products often being dubbed as “the Apple of the gaming world” (-Is Razer A Good Brand 2020?- 2022), and rightfully so due to the prestige over product outlook, the brand still has a large following, especially of public gaming figures, such as streamers and youtubers. The brand itself lacks in the area of behavioural design, and is often trodden on for its price and quality. However it maintains a strong core due to its aesthetic and branding of which appeal to many people. The brand employs many collaborations with others, often gaming or other media companies, to promote products that are cute, trendy or simply nice to look at. This includes their hello kitty and pokemon collection as shown below. Furthermore the culture surrounding their products, a result of their visceral design and gaming connections, draws people in to buy their products, to be like their favourite content creator, or represent their favourite show. This culture is mainly what draws people into their consumer base and keeps them there. People feel

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