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I need for the writer to be more critically when writing the arguments in the essay please.
Assignment 2500 words
Critically essay
Counterintelligence function carried out by the Intelligence Agencies
Structure: The essay should have the following structure; introduction, body and conclusion.
The structure should be a flowing body of text divided into a number of paragraphs under title (I will put the title), do not use subheadings.
The introduction should be no more than 200 words, which must include a background of the Counterintelligence (using references to cite it). Define key terms: what is intelligence analysis means and what is the role of counterintelligence analysis is responsible for and use references where this information is from). Then write what you are going to say in the text (what will be the structure of the essay, here you do not need to reference/it is your own words).
Main Body (paragraphs) However, for the first paragraph write briefly about those 5 functions that the Intelligence Agencies carry out: collection, analysis, counterintelligence, covert operations, and intelligence management. Every single function cite/reference it (where you got that information from) please. Then the last sentences in this first paragraph talk about the Counterintelligence function and link with the next paragraph. So, in the following paragraphs, you need to focus on the Counterintelligence function carried out by the Intelligence Agencies. The discussion should demonstrate engagement with academic literature and offer an exposition and evidence to develop the argument. If using examples, they should be explanatory, relevant and representative. If using figures, tables, graphs, etc. they should illustrate something clearly better shown than told. You can argue what are the weaknesses and strengths of the counterintelligence function and give example of some cases study. Also, write about the complexity of intelligence problems, democracies of the counterintelligence (challenges/approaches, and the reason why not sharing counterintelligence information with other agencies and its disadvantages and give example in some cases that happened) Counterintelligence and National Strategy,
In the conclusion should be no more that 150-200 words, for the first sentences for example, you can put some recommendations (what needs to be improved and has been taken into consideration or lessons have been learned from the mistakes that occurred based on your example you had given in the paragraphs of your arguments above and use 2-3 references where you got the information from). To qualify the conclusion the final broad statements should include possible implications of the counterintelligence function for the Intelligence Agencies. Then conclude what have you been said in the essay (main points from specific to general). In this essay must have at least 23 sources of references (this include journals, book, academic sources) you can use the following sources/references (but you look for other sources and please do not rely only on is given sources):
Book: Introduction to Intelligence Studies by Carl J., III Jensen, David H. McElreath, , and Melissa Graves 2017.
Book: Intelligence Analysis Fundamentals by Godfrey Garner; Patrick McGlynn; 2018
Book: Intelligence and Intelligence Analysis by Patrick F. Walsh 2011
Peter Gill (2020) Explaining Intelligence Failure: Rethinking the Recent Terrorist
Attacks in Europe, International Journal of Intelligence and Counterintelligence, 33:1, 43-67,
David R. Mandel & Daniel Irwin (2021) Uncertainty, Intelligence, and National
Security Decisionmaking, International Journal of Intelligence and
CounterIntelligence, 34:3, 558-582,
Samantha Newbery. (2021) The intelligence war against the IRA. Intelligence and National Security 36:2, pages 299-311.
John A. Gentry. (2019) Intelligence in war: how important is it? How do we know?. Intelligence and National Security 34:6, pages 833-850.
Stephen Hopkins. (2017) The “informer” and the political and organisational culture of the Irish republican movement: old and new interpretations. Irish Studies Review 25:1, pages 1-23.
John J. Borek (2019) Developing a Conceptual Model of Intelligence Analysis,
International Journal of Intelligence and CounterIntelligence, 32:4, 805-828,
Mark M. Lowenthal (2021) Intelligence is NOT About “Telling Truth to Power”,
International Journal of Intelligence and CounterIntelligence, 34:4, 795-798,
Blake W. Mobley & Carl Anthony Wege (2021) Counterintelligence Vetting
Techniques Compared across Multiple Domains, International Journal of Intelligence and CounterIntelligence, 34:4, 663-693,

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Word Count: 3257 words including References

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