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Using your own words, write 200 words on each topic/question. You will be graded on thoroughness, accuracy, originality, grammar and clarity. Be creative. Use examples.
Do not plagiarize! You will be submitting your response via Turnitin, an anti-plagiarism software. If Turnitin reports a similarity factor of more than 15%, you will earn a 0! You have 3 attempts to resubmit until the due date. With each submission a report will be generated that will show you areas of your submission that are similar to external sources. You have up to 3 attempts to change and resubmit your work until the due date without any penalties.
Answer the following:
What is the bid-ask spread? What are the components of the bid-ask spread. Use an original example to illustrate how a speculator may buy or sell using bid-ask prices.
What is pre-trade transparency? What is post-trade transparency? What purpose do dark markets serve?
Discuss futures contracts. Use an original example to illustrate the profit/loss of a long and short position as the price changes.