Recent Question/Assignment

Assessment 2:
Major Essay
Type of assessment: individual
Length: maximum word limit of 2500
When: Due Tuesday 26 April, 4pm
Task description:
The questions from which you can choose a research paper topic are listed below. Should you wish to devise your own essay topic, you must do so in consultation with the course coordinator.
1. What impact does the audience have on the content and quality of media reporting?
2. Explain why some forms of traditional media are struggling to attract or retain audiences.
3. Using the example of COVID-19, explain why the phenomenon of Fake News and misinformation presents challenges for implementing policy objectives.
4. Is it unreasonable to expect zero censorship of media in the contemporary world? Explain your position.
5. Is traditional journalism becoming extinct? Explain your position.
6. How healthy is the relationship between media and politicians in today's political environment?
7. Explain why the media is critical to political campaigning? Provide contemporary examples (2019 onwards).
The essay must be submitted on time, be fully referenced, and meet all of the course coordinator's requirements. Refer to the section on referencing
Marking Criteria
ASSESSED ASPECTS Expectation Outstanding Good Did not meet . expectations
Analysis (20%) The paper analyses the key issues a the heart of the question effectively t f 740 5-6 0-4
Structure (20%) The paper develops clear argument: methodically in support of an appropriate conclusion. 5 7-10 5-6 0-4
Relevance (20%) The paper applies evidence and arguments which are relevant to th essay question and the objectives o the assessment. f 7’10 - '• 5-6 0-4
Referencing (20%) The paper consistently supports fad and arguments with appropriate referencing, using a recognised citation style. ts 7-10 5-6 0-4
Presentation (20%) The paper contains accurate gramm spelling, punctuation, and a high | standard of presentation. ar, 7-10 5-6 0-4 I