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CLA #2 Tasks
In order to address CLA #2, you need to pick either Chapter 1 (Walmart), Chapter 3 (Netflix), Chapter 13 (Royal Bank of Scotland), Chapter 15 (Microsoft), OR Chapter 18 (Nest) from the following book (available from the library, or click on the link below):
Marr, B. (2016). Big Data in Practice: How 45 Successful Companies used Big Data Analytics to deliver Extraordinary (Links to an external site.). John Wiley and Sons Ltd., West Sussex.
The chapters in the book showcase positive impact of BI and Data Analytics in each of the respective organisation. However, there are concerns that are not clearly highlighted in any of the chapter. The extensive use of data and the data being collected may raise an ethical dilemma. Provide a critical discussion centered on the Ethical issues in collecting/capturing/sourcing, retaining, and utilising the massive data by your chosen organisation. In the discussion, the support from the literature will be required (i.e., in-text refs).
Make sure to reference your sources correctly (both the in-text references and the details in the reference list). References are not included in the word count. Please use Swinburne Harvard Referencing Style (Links to an external site.) (check out the Swinburne Online Library (Links to an external site.) if you are unsure).
Please go through the marking criteria (including the requirements on scholarly references) so you are aware on how your responses will be assessed. If you have any question or want further clarification, please post it in the Continuous Learning Activities discussion thread.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1056 words including References

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