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Review of “Resisting Broken Windows: The Effect of Neighborhood Disorder on Political Behavior
1st Paragraph ….e.g In this paper, the author examines the effect of neighborhood disorder on political behaviour………….. (summarizes the major aspects of the article—the research question, the data, the analytic approach, and the findings—and provides the reviewer’s general assessment of the paper. This paragraph is generally in the range of 150-250 words
2nd Paragraph …. e.g The paper is clearly written and the analyses are well-conceived and well-executed, providing credible evidence that………………..Even though the analysis is conducted using ……i view this as a quite important contribution to the literature- ………..I do have some comments and suggestions for the paper, however………...
Broad Comments
section the summarizes the reviewer’s major concerns or suggestions- in the range of 500 words.
3rd Paragraph --- e.g
reviewer’s minor concerns, suggestions, and corrections-
Word counts- 1000-1500 words

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1131 words

Review of “Resisting Broken Windows: The Effect of Neighborhood Disorder on Political Behavior”

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