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Everything must be referenced in Harvard referencing
Subject(module): PROPERTIES OF WOOD
Topic/Name of wood specie: EUCALYPTUS CLOEZIANA
Scenario: You work at a sawmill as a Wood Technologist. The owner of the sawmill is an accountant and has no clue about wood. There is timber available from a new vendor, though you have not work with this timber before. You must inform the owner on this wood specie. Investigate all aspects relevant to the specie, and it report on one specific specie selected by you. Aspects that you should try to cover is:
? Region of origin of Eucalyptus cloeziana
? Growth successes of Eucalyptus cloeziana in Southern Africa
? Methods of identification of the tree: needles, leaves, cones, flowers, seeds, bark, stem form, etc.
? Wood properties and processing properties of Eucalyptus cloeziana
? Methods of identification of the timber
? Shrinkage properties, strength properties
• Investigate the topic by searching information about the topic. Generate a reference list of at least ten sources that you use in this report. References must include books, informal publications and articles in a journal. It can be either be published in printed format or from electronic sources. Try to include as many types of peer reviewed sources as possible.
• Use photos, sketches and tables. Refer to these in your report. For example: Figure 1 shows the Pinus taeda cone with its spikes.
• The assignment (maximum 10 pages in the body of the report) must be typed on A4 bond paper, Arial font, 1.5 line spacing and the font size of 12. Referencing must be according to the Anglia Ruskin Harvard system.
• Avoid plagiarism – write the information in your own words and then include an in-text reference. In-text referencing must be included in every paragraph. In-text referencing advice is also given on Moodle.