Recent Question/Assignment

The assignment is for Strategic Management, and it should be referenced in Harvard style.
You can choose freely a company that exists for my assignement.
Strategic Management / Executive MBA Course
1. Assessment Brief
Please pick a company of your choice and critically analyze it using all the concepts and models communicated during the lectures. The scope of this project is not to rely only on analysis but to critically understand the key elements and strategic levers the company has to aim in order to strengthen its competitive advantage in the market it operates. Recommendations, findings and conclusions will certainly provide a synthetical viewpoint and are highly recommended.
An extended piece of academic writing to be submitted at the end of the module will give you the opportunity to demonstrate your advanced knowledge and understanding of relevant models and concepts. This writing task will also enable you to demonstrate an advanced critical appraisal of relevant concepts and theories with regard to their application in the strategic planning of organizations. This is a formal written document of 4500 words.
2. Guidelines for the Preparation and Submission of Written Assessments
? Written assessments should be word-processed in Arial or Calibri Light font size 12. There should be double-spacing and each page should be numbered.
? There should be an Abstract page at the beginning of your paper.
? You should include a word-count at the end of the assessment (excluding references, figures, tables and appendices).
3. Indicative Reading
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? Business Strategy Review
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? Strategic Management Journal