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IURI 171 (Vaal) - Class Assessment 2 (Mini-Assignment)
1) Assignment should not exceed 4 pages (this includes the title page and bibliography).
2) Use the NWU Referencing Guide 2018 (available on eFundi under Study Unit 1 and also on the library page).
Make sure that you use the correct:
- font type and number (for main text, long quotes, bibliography and footnotes etc.) - line spacing
- margins
- referencing style (footnotes)
- page numbering
3) This is an individual assignment, therefore, you must work on your own.
4) You have been given some reading material that has been posted on eFundi under study unit 2. You can do further research if you so wish (i.e. other cases, journals, policies etc) to complete this assessment.
Use the Action Words in your study guide (see study unit 1) 5) Due Date: Friday 22 April at 6pm.
Assignment Question:
There are those that believe that South African law was adversely influenced by positivists legal theory during the apartheid era. That this acceptance lead South African courts to be less inclined to interpret the law in a manner that would have promoted justice.
Discuss the writing of John Dugard (‘The judicial process, positivism and civil liberty’ (1971) 88 SALJ 181) AND Christopher Forsyth & Johann Schiller ‘The judicial process, positivism and civil liberty II’ (1981) 98 SALJ 218