Recent Question/Assignment

Part 1 Question 1
Write the code to find the summary statistics and write your observations based on that.
Part 1 Question 2
Write your observations for the below heatmap
Part 1 Question 3
Create a scatter plot to visualize the relationship between the remaining features having significant correlations ( = 0.7 or = -0.7) - INDUS and NOX - AGE and NOX - DIS and NOX Write your observations from the plots
Part 1 Question 4
Drop the column TAX from the training data and check if multicollinearity is removed?
Part 1 Question 5
Write the code to create the linear regression model and print the model summary.
Write your observations from the model.
Part 1 Question 6
Drop insignificant variables (variables with p-value 0.05) from the above model and create the regression model again.
Part 1 Question 7
Write the code to check the above linear regression assumptions and provide insights.
Part 1 Question 8
Write your observations by comparing model performance of train and test dataset
Part 1 Question 9
Get model Coefficients in a pandas dataframe with column Feature having all the features and column Coefs with all the corresponding Coefs.
Part 1 Question 10
Write the conclusions and business recommendations derived from the model.