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On the second page of the PDF is an activity for you to do…writing a production concept.
Use the examples called -Concept Statement Example- and -Concept Example 2- and -Concept Short Example- – are located in the Google Drive) as a reference.
Please know that two of these examples are from professionals, so I don't expect yours to be as long! The third one is super short - yours should be a little longer than that!
This assignment you write needs to be no longer than a page. Make sure you are as descriptive as possible. Don't worry about budget, time, or resources. Just be creative! How would you want to present that show - just the scenic design. You don't have to know anything about designing for theater to have a brilliant idea!
I chose four plays and one musical (called a libretto instead of a script). I have included the scripts in the Google Drive for you to peruse and of course you can research online about the shows. Please don't steal someone else's concept - though you can always be inspired!
You have FULL CREATIVE LICENSE to stage these plays however you wish. Normally, you couldn't change the time and place of a play or musical, but for this class activity you can if you want. For example, sometimes people take a Shakespeare and totally mix it up and put it in contemporary times. You don't have to do that, but you are welcome to place these shows in any time period you wish!
I have added some previous semesters' student examples to the Google Drive

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