Recent Question/Assignment

• Write out your answers/views to the above TWO (2) questions in a Word document.
• Format of Pages:
• Cover Page containing:
o Assignment title
o Course code & title
o Your Instructor’s name
o Your full name, student ID
o Program & Term (eg. BBUS-LS, month, year)

• Page 2 - Table of Contents
• Page 3 - Introduction
• Page 4 - Content
• 2nd Last Page - List of References - References must be provided and taken from credible sources such as peer-reviewed journals and academically accepted publications.
• Numbered pages except the Cover Page.
• Text Format:
o Font Type: Times New Roman
o Font Size: 12
o Spacing: 1.5
• Your answer should be NOT MORE THAN 2500 words.
• Present the contents of your written essay in an organized, logical, and clear manner. Take care to use clear expressions and phrasing, correct spelling, punctuation, and consistent literary style.
• When referencing the work of others, make sure to use the following format: Harvard Referencing .