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Choose (1) one childhood experience from the list provided below (this list has been generated from the Australian Institute of health and Welfare (2020) Australia’s Children report):
• 5-14 year old child living with Autism Spectrum Disorder
• 0 -14 year old child living with brain cancer
• 5-14 year old child living with anxiety disorder
• 5-14 year old child living with overweight/obesity
• A school aged child living with an intellectual disability
• A low birthweight neonate
• A child who is exposed to or a victim of family violence
After researching the prevalence of your chosen childhood experience, develop a brief hypothetical case study (approximately 250 words) about a child and their family and identify the health care setting in which you (the student nurse) meet the family to guide your work and provide context for your reader.
To explore the impact of your chosen childhood experience on the child and their family in the case study you have developed, address all of the following prompts informed by contemporary and relevant developmental, nursing and family care theory:
• Outline the prevalence of the chosen childhood experience in Australia and highlight the health impacts (related to the chosen topic) on the child; these may be short, medium and/or long term,
• Discuss the impact (protective or otherwise) of family, culture and/or environment on the identified health impacts for the child identified from prompt above,
• Explore the potential impact of the chosen childhood experience on the learning and development of the child in the case study, in light of their age/stage of development,
• Describe how the student nurse working with the child/family outlined in your case study would engage therapeutically with the child and/or family? Outline TWO appropriate communication strategies to support child/family flourishing, and
• Based on the chosen childhood experience and the case study specifics, discuss assessment of the child and two (2) priority nursing actions/interventions with rationales, that would advocate for positive child/family health outcomes.
This assessment will be 2000 words +/- 10% (inclusive of intext citations) and will be developed in report style, with an introduction, the case study, a body and conclusion; the paper with demonstrate correct grammar and spelling and acknowledge sources using APA 7th Edition referencing style

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2457 words including References

Title: Living with Autism Spectrum Disorder

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