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Assignment Overview
This document outlines the major written assignment and the steps involved in preparing for submission. This assignment will allow you to develop essential skills in analysing and interpreting a data set to address a psychological issue. Note that separate documents are provided for delivering all the required information. A video explainer is also available. All these materials should be reviewed.
Required Sections
A typical research paper contains five main sections (introduction, method, results, discussion, and references). An introduction section will be provided for you (see template document) and you will need to complete the remaining sections:
• Method (describes the sample, measures, and procedures)
• Results (reports the descriptive and inferential statistics)
• Discussion (summarizes and interprets the findings)
• References (provides formatted list of the cited sources)
Steps Involved
• Review the other relevant documents (template, rubric, and data simulation steps).
? See explainer video as well.
• Choose a between-subjects research design. ? Quasi experimental or experimental.
• Read relevant literature to find:
? Examples of relevant methodologies for your chosen design.
? Published measures of working memory.
? Sensible estimates of descriptive statistics for the dependent variable.
? Additional references to support the methodology and discussion sections.
• Write your method.
? This will help you decide how to simulate data that matches your measures/procedures.
• Simulate your data.
? So that you can perform your analyses.
? Detailed step-by-step instructions have been provided.
• Perform analyses and prepare a results section.
? Use the lecture and workshop write up examples to guide you.
• Write discussion and prepare references.
? Once you have finalized the method and results sections.
• Word count
? 800 words maximum (no 10% leeway).
? Markers will not grade content outside this limit. There is no minimum word count. ? Tables, figures and references are not included in the word count. • References
? A minimum of 5 references overall are required.
? Make use of any or all the supplied references in the introduction.
? Include at least 3 additional references.
• Submit a Word document and the Jamovi data file on Blackboard.
? Submission links will be available in the “Written Assignment” folder.
PSY2102 Assignment Overview