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Assessment Task Two
Professional Development – Adding your voice to the conversation
Now that you have identified a key debate/controversy in contemporary education, your task is to present the controversy to a group of educators in order to impact on their philosophy and practice.
A local educational institution has invited you as an expert on the issue, to deliver a presentation to increase understanding and raise awareness. The institution in question is keen to draw on your expertise to enhance local educational provision.
Your task
Design and develop a presentation which explores the issue, offers practical strategies for implementation, and poses an innovative response to the issue. Details relating to good presentations will feature in the learning activities.
Your presentation will cover these elements:
• Introduction and context
• Key thinkers or theorists
• Empirical studies which demonstrate impact
• Focus on local school or institution- how does this issue contribute to their operation.
• What are the practical implications for educators?
• Strategies to develop and strengthen the profession in the short term and the long term.
• What is your innovative response to this issue?
There will be an opportunity for you to present your work to the class. Refer to the unit schedule for more details regarding the timing of these presentations.
All students will present a three-minute recording of their presentation and upload as part of the task. More details will be provided in class.
Condense your first task into a media piece of about 800 words and publish in a local media platform before the due date. Typical media platforms could be The Conversation or The Age.
Another site endorsed by the Chief Examiner.
If you choose this option, you will still present to the class, however, you will also be asked to reflect on the strengths and challenges of publishing on public platforms. You will not need to prepare a PPT, if your “voice” is published by the due date. You will simply record yourself (for three minutes) and upload this recording to Moodle.

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