Recent Question/Assignment

An oral classroom presentation is required by each student. Presentation will be held at recitation time according to the posted presentation schedule. Please note that recitation attendance is mandatory. All presentation will be recorded.
Presentations in PowerPoint or other electronic formats are required. You can bring your laptop computer but be prepared to access the presentation from the classroom PC in case the laptop cannot be used. Presentations should take about 15 minutes. Presentations must not exceed 15 minutes or be shorter than 10 minutes and will be terminated when 15 minutes have passed. Please be prepared to start on time when you are presenting. If you get started late not only will you lose points, but we will have difficulty finishing within the class period.
Visual aids such as images, tables, and graphs must be presented in an understandable format. You may use the whiteboard (or blackboard) if you wish to comment on questions, but you must not depend on them. A good presentation will cover the highlights of the student’s research paper topic and give other students insight into the topic, particularly from the standpoint of language features and properties discussed in class. A good rule of thumb is to imagine that you have 12 minutes to introduce your language to someone who has never heard of it before – what are the interesting features? What kinds of applications is the language best for? What does the syntax look like?
Evaluation and Grading
The grade breakdown of the oral presentation and research paper component of the course (10% of the total final grade) is 5% for the oral presentation and 5% for the paper. The evaluation of the quality of the presentation (as well as the paper) will take into account the depth and relevance of the information that you present, as well as the clarity of the presentation. Oral presentations will be graded using the following criteria (50 points possible).
A presentation will be graded with 0 points if you don’t show up, or spent less than 8 minutes on your presentation, or if your presentation material is not legible.
Any cases of plagiarism will be penalized.
In general, to get a good grade for the oral presentation, you must (1) be familiar with the presentation equipment BEFORE your presentation and be ready to start on time, (2) give your presentation within the 10 to the 15-minute time limit, (3) speak clearly, (4) use visual aid appropriately that enhances the presentation (e.g. figures must be readable by the audience), (5) have a good presentation flow (good organization), (6) go into sufficient and appropriate depth (audience must have some idea about the technical details in the topic that you present; at the same time, you should not bore the audience with unnecessary details).
• Each topic is limited to 2 students only except for topic no 1 to 3, excess of 1 student allowed. First come first serve basis. Name to the update in Teams.
• Presentation will be start on 21st April 2022
• Submission of presentation slides: 18th April 2022
Prepare a presentation base on only ONE (1) topics of emerging technologies given below:
1. Blockchain Technology
2. Financial Technology in Banking Industry
3. Digital Payment
4. Artificial Intelligence (AI)
5. Machine Learning and Big Data
Explain on following:
a) Impacts of the emerging technologies on accounting, auditing, taxation and financial services. (Select any two)
b) Why accountants should embrace, not avoid, emerging technologies?
c) Challenges and opportunities faces by company in adapting the technologies.
(50 marks)