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Project Risk, Finance and Monitoring Pre-project work
Individual written analysis
2000 words (+/-10% allowable range)
Week 6
Your task
Individually, you are required to undertake the pre-project work by analysing the critical needs of a project, developing a business case for the work, and evaluating risk factors and mitigation strategies.
Assessment Description
In this individual assessment, students will be given an opportunity to evaluate project success utilising a real-life case study focused on evaluating and analysing project risk, developing mitigation strategies, and organising financing for the project.
Assessment Instructions
Imagine that you work for a project management company as a consultant that has been contracted to develop and eventually implement the following project, which the Queensland Government has drafted.
The State Government proposes installing The Interceptor, a plastic waste collection machine on the Brisbane River, to prevent unwanted waste from reaching the sea. While this is a relatively new technology, successful implementation has been evident worldwide.
You are required to develop a pre-project work, including the following:
• Needs analysis highlighting what the project will achieve and the needs it will address
• Business case summarising the cost/benefit of this project, essential business requirements and how these can be delivered
• Risk evaluation highlighting what you consider to be the major risks of this project and how they can be mitigated
Your pre-project work will serve as the basis for moving this project to the next stage. Please ensure that you have assessed the project’s suitability for its intended purpose and have developed strategies to mitigate any potential risks.

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