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Assignment 3: Data Analysis Report
Due: As per schedule
Word limit: 2000 words (excluding appendices and reference List)
Examine how web research and analysis methods can improve website rankings, social
media engagement and overall online presence and awareness for web communication
You will be given a case study to analyse during the course of the semester including
available web analytics and other data. You are required to collect further online secondary
data and provide a report on your findings, and provide recommendations on how the data
could be used as the basis of a web communication campaign.
Further details regarding this assignment will be provided in seminars and on MyUnits.
The assignment will be marked using the following criteria:
The report should include: %
Search Engine Optimisation
• Present an original, complete, coherent and persuasive report, which
includes all required elements.
• Demonstrate a high level of understanding of search engine
optimisation for web campaign planning. 40
Incorporation and analysis of background research
• Demonstrate evidence of relevant and adequate background
research and analysis.
• Integrate research findings fluently into the discussion. 40
Referencing, writing and presentation
• Include consistent and complete details of references/sources
• Write fluently and accurately and edit carefully.
• Present document professionally.

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