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BSBWRT401 Writing Complex Documents
Task 1
You work for a major retailer. They have asked you to develop a checklist that can be used by all team leaders and managers so that when they put together WORD documents there is a level of consistency in the documents.
Develop a 1-page checklist that can be used to prepare final text documents.
In your checklist remember to include features, style guidelines and any sign-off that could be necessary before the document is mailed out externally..
Task 2
You are employed by a national recruitment and human resources organisation. The organisation began in 2002, providing staffing solutions for businesses in South Australia. Since inauguration the organisation has continued to grow, opening offices in each state of Australia. Recently, the board of management approved a proposal for the inclusion of a new training arm of the organisation. The training arm will specialise in sales training for people wishing to work in the automotive industry.
As a result of inclusion of the new training division, management have given you a brief asking you to:
prepare a document introducing the training division and explaining its purpose to the staff in the organisation
develop some marketing material that will be used to attract and inform clients—to outline to clients in the automotive industry how the pre-employment training of applicants will be of benefit to them when they are looking to recruit and select new employees.
You should be thinking about the two types of document that you are required to develop and how you will approach the design and formatting of those respective types. At this stage of the task you do not need to actually produce either of the documents.
Task 3
Create a checklist to be used to ensure all the formatting and design requirements are met
Task 4
In preparing a biannual sales report for the end of financial year, what would be the most logical way to present the data and information.
Task 5
Why do documents need to be structured?
Task 6
When writing complex documents when might it be necessary to collect additional information

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