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Assessment task 1
Task Description Directions: This assessment is made up of two parts: i. Engagement with the online discussions for Theme i and 2, and 2. submission of an essay that analyses your chosen topic/issue from the discussions. Parti: During Themes one (weeks 2-3) and two (weeks 5-7), you are asked to discuss in the online discussion area in MyLO your thoughts and ideas about the readings. Choose a topic that interests you and that engages with the literature. There will be a discussion board for each theme so that you will be able to discuss your chosen topic, ask questions and discuss your work in progress along the way. You will be automatically placed into discussion groups which will appear in your MyLO as the unit themes evolve. If you refer to literature during the discussions, you will be required to reference it appropriately as per the Harvard Referencing guide. Please note: If you do not see a discussion area for any of the themes please contact your lecturer straight away. Theme 1 discussion will run from weeks 2-4, and Theme 2 discussions will run from weeks 5-7. They will both remain accessible throughout the semester.
The word limit for your discussion posts = 1000 words (altogether) so limit each discussion post to 150- 200 words. You will be required to choose six (6) of your best posts from any of the discussions (3 from Micro and 3 from Macro) and attach them as an appendix to your essay (Part 2). Part 2 Select a topic/issue of interest from any of the online discussions you participated in, either Theme 1 or Theme 2. Write an essay summarising your discussions around your chosen topic or issue. Critically explore how this issue or topic might impact on you as a registered nurse in the acute care setting. It should be written in the first person and demonstrate your engagement with the literature. Examples of your topic might be (but are not restricted to) • How you think the clinical context in which you currently work is directly or indirectly affected by current political change. • What effect do you think the micro politics of health have either indirectly or directly on the provision of patient care/your working life? Please note: You are free to discuss any theme or issue you have identified within the unit content so far. It will be advisable to discuss your topic/ideas with your tutor if you are unsure before you begin. You cannot use the same topic to discuss for your first and second assignments in this subject. The topics should be totally different from each other.

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