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This is a graded discussion: 20 points possible
due Aug 6
Assignment 4: Outdoor Play Advocacy (25%)
Learning objective:
• Advocate for children’s right to play outdoors using the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child
Value: 25% of your final grade
No extension will be provided for this assignment
As educators, we are responsible to advocate for children’s right to play outdoors. For this assignment, plan and practice how to effectively advocate for children’s outdoor play while demonstrating your understanding of the benefits of outdoor play and the value of nature-based outdoor play environments.
1. Choose three articles from the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child.
2. Create an information resource advocating for children’s right to play outdoors and in support of your three selected articles.
3. Cite relevant concepts and sources from the course materials, two peer-reviewed articles from the Lethbridge College Library database, and your textbook.
4. Introduce your resource and post it to the discussion board (see requirements below)
5. Respond to the resources posted by at least two other students (see requirements below)
Your information resource might be (but is not limited to) a:
• Poster
• Infographic
• Information sheet
• Flyer
• Booklet
• Article
• Blog post
Be creative!
Be creative!
Your information resource:
• Can be more than one page but not be more than four pages
• Should be easy to follow and read, well-organized, and visually appealing to attract people’s attention, and to educate them on children’s right to play outdoors
• Might include photos. Use appropriate photos with permission from the source, if required.
• The use of our textbook is required.
• Include proper APA citation and references
Upload your information sheet by replying to this post. Explain in your post which three articles of the articles from the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child you have selected, who your target audience is, how you have shared your resource with others, and any insights about how it was received (for example, you might have posted your resource in social media and received interesting comments, or you might have put up a poster in a local play space and received questions about it).
Review your peers’ information sheets. Respond to two other posts by (due date) and discuss:
• What you learned from each information sheet
• How you will implement the recommendations provided
Refer to the rubric to guide you through this assignment by clicking on the above -other options” icon and selecting -Show Rubric.”

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