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Lab Assignment # 01
Artificial Intelligence- BCS-483
Spring 2021
Marks : 25
Assignment deadline: 5th July 2021 (11:59 pm)
(Submit only typed assignment by clearly mentioning your Name and Roll number and Class , assignment number on first page).
Use LMS to submit your assignment.
Do not submit hand written assignmenet.
Only PDF file accepted by LMS
Copying an assignment from another student will lead to zero(0) marks in the Lab assessment.
Q1 Refer to Lab 6 activity in your Lab manual of AI perform the following tasks
a) Install prolog of your choice (e.g. gnu prolog/swi-prolog) and implement practical session at the end of chapter 1 of tutorial “Learn prolog now”.
You have to provide screenshots of the queries and its answer by prolog.
b) Watch YouTube video in the given link for the tutorial of Prolog and then apply all the commands from 5th minute to 28th minute in the given video, in any prolog console.(gnu prolog or swi prolog ).
you have to submit the screen shots (in word file )of
a. all the commands and their results.
b. Screen shots of the knowledge bases created.
Q2. Refer to the lab activity 8 in the Lab manual and perform the following task
a) Implement the given prolog code and show the output as in lab 8.
b) Discuss in one page in your own words the purpose of the program/knowledge base discuss in lab 8 activity.

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