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AT3 Template (2000 words)
You should insert tables, charts, and graphs into this document via cut and paste, snipping tool etc. All appendices should be included after the text.
Everything is based on Narrative Writing. (Narrative Unit attached.
Construct: The construct that I will be teaching is Narrative writing.
Curriculum link:
Age group/class of target students: Year 5
Short description (100 words) of context:
Part One - Identifies evidence-based strategies for use in your teaching (1250 words)
Criteria 1. Describes the evidence base for strategy/ies
Criteria 2. Discusses the credibility of the evidence base
Criteria 3. Explains the suitability of the strategy/ies to cater for the range of Zone of Proximal Development groups
Criteria 4. Discusses the influence of context on the selection of evidence-based strategies
Part Two - Evaluates the impact of your teaching (1250 words)
Criteria 5. Interprets student growth data to inform evaluation
Criteria 6. Interprets other sources of evidence (e.g., student attitude, teacher workload, school resourcing)
Criteria 7. Makes inferences by combining evidence of student growth with other sources of evidence
Criteria 8. Discusses the impact of your teaching
Appendix A: Construct including curriculum link and source (i.e., set of rubrics, progression)
1. Write level descriptions for the construct. These can be based on one or more of the following: research literature, a Guttman analysis, a pairwise comparison, an adapted taxonomy, work samples. If you have taught the construct many times, you may also use experience to describe the construct levels.
2. Map the ZPD of your students to the levels in the construct (this could be on a Guttman chart).
Appendix B: Explanatory documents related to the teaching plan (summary of teaching plan
1. Document your teaching plan (this can be summarized in one page).
2. Implement your teaching plan (ideally eight weeks of teaching but can be less). At the completion of your teaching,
3. use formal and/or informal assessment methods to collect evidence of student proficiency on the construct.
Appendix C: Evidence of student growth (template from Week 6, Activity 6.2)
Appendix D: Summary of other evidence (in a table)
Appendix E: Reference list detailing literature/videos etc. cited
This is how Guttman chart is made… I need 2 Guttman man chart that shows post teaching and pre teaching… showing the students growth… the 3-color box is that student’s area of need. That where they are at.
Make a Guttman Chart for narrative writing for Criteria Appendix A (Example attached)
1.1.1 Easy criteria and at the end are the hardest criteria.

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