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Instructions: Task: i. Choose a successful sporting team that you are familiar with (can be either international or domestic or a team that you are currently involved with)
I've chosen Real Madrid sports Club - From Spain
What are the key elements that make this successful?
iii. What role do you believe has the coach and/or manager/ CEO played in the development and fostering of team culture and elite team performance?
iv. How has technology/innovation affected the way teams are managed?
v. Compare the way this team functions and the responsibilities of the key coaching staff within the organisation and to a poor performing team.
vi. Identify 2 positive ways your successful sports team functions and 2 negatives for a poor performing team.
vii. What style of leadership is evident in both of the examples listed above?
Your Report should incorporate the following key sections:
Introduction - set the context by presenting your overall topic, discussing any selected references you plan to use to demonstrate your overall argument. Main Body - discuss your argument and examine new insights/practices that have emerged and the underlying assumptions of these new innovations.
Compare and contrast how management of teams has evolved as a result of changes in technology. Approach the topic from various points of view e.g. what are the implications?
What are the new questions emerging from such new technologies?
Conclusion: summarise your argument to draw a concluding statement. References: present a reference list with at least three (3) references from quality sources, ensure the referencing is consistent throughout. Layout: double-space your text and use 2.5-centimetre margins. Pages should be numbered, with the numbers appearing in the bottom right-hand corner of the pages.
Please use APA reference
Be clear and Objective, make the text flows
do not forget the references please please, please

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