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This is continuation of assessment 2 (Strategy plan).
In assessment 3 goals and objectives from assessment 2 should be copied and then we need to show how we can reach the goals and objectives. activities, measures and data analysis need to be clear in assessment. as per Assessment 3 Rubric attached including:
· Description and justification of activities
· Describes and justifies the activities included in the strategic plan.
· Method and approaches to activities
· Identifies and justifies methods and approaches to implementing the activities.
· Data collection and evaluation
· Outlines data collection/evaluation strategies for monitoring the success of activities.
Please also find attached Assessment 2 submitted and assessment 3 brief for your reference.
Assessment 3 | Strategic plan part II
In this assessment, you will draw on your work from your second assessment along with the feedback we provided you about that assessment, and discuss and justify how you will operationalise your strategic plan.
Objective: Assessment task addresses the subject learning outcomes.
B: Analyse the consequences of organisational effectiveness on performance and outcomes
C: Critically appraise the roles and impacts of specific aspects of organisational management that may influence performance and outcomes
D: Communicate complex organisational issues effectively for a variety of target audiences by using diverse techniques, modes and strategies
Course intended learning outcome(s)
Critical thinking
1.1 Critique, interpret and synthesise data and research findings to develop safe, effective and creative evidence-based solutions to healthcare challenges
1.2 Propose relevant problem-solving and human factors theories to the analysis and research of common and complex issues inherent in the management and evaluation of healthcare services
1.3 Initiate and explain change management methodologies to improve healthcare outcomes and transform healthcare processes and systems
2.1 Justify and demonstrate appropriate leadership styles and skills necessary to effectively manage, evaluate and innovate healthcare services utilising contemporary local, national and international perspectives
3.1 Create and lead social and ethical accountability to ensure efficient use of resources and equity of access to optimal and safe health care
3.2 Validate the importance of integrating stakeholder partnerships in all healthcare decision-making activities
4.1 Value and choose highly effective and sensitive communication with diverse populations to ensure positive and sustainable change in healthcare practice, policy, and research
4.2 Determine and recommend modes of communication necessary to optimise outcomes across differing audiences, purposes and contexts within healthcare practice
Indigenous Awareness
5.3 Recognise the diversity of Indigenous Australians and integrate this knowledge into practice
Length: Maximum of 2500 words
Task: Document how you will operationalise your strategic plan.
References: APA 7th, no minimum number)
Formatting requirements: 11pt, san-serif font (e.g. Calibri or Arial), double-spaced, 30mm margins, A4 pages
As the appointed the Director of Organisational Development for your organisation, you need to build on the work you undertook for Assessment 2.
In particular, you need to document how you will operationalise your strategic plan, that is you will need to develop a plan which will allow you to achieve your strategic vision.
Assessment task
Your plan needs to answer the following:
• What will you do?
• How will it work?
• How will you know it has been successful?
• Include a section which considers the following: Given that the majority of strategic plans fail to achieve all their goals, what will make your plan different?

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