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Major written assignment
The major written assignment length is around 4000 words (individually, for the group this needs to be negotiated with the supervisor), excluding the abstract, bibliography, and appendices. Approximate page counts for each part of the assignment will be dependent on the nature of the work carried out, but the format of the final report should contain the following sections:
• Cover: 1 page (student details, unit details, title)
• Executive Summary/Abstract: 1 page
• Introduction: containing a brief background, the outline of the report, Aim and Objectives
• Literature review: This should critically summarise your readings related to the proposed project.
• Theoretical background: provide the theory which will be needed to carry forward the engineering project to successful completion.
• Methodologies if needed for design or simulation
• Case study: students are encouraged to provide a case study to support the finding in the previous three sections. Case study can be summarised (from literature) or you can talk about your example in the first assignment (if relevant). Analysis: students can provide analysis of all the data and where necessary provide detailed design details.
• Conclusions and Further Work, which contains the overall conclusion from the report.
• List of references Use the Harvard style (see the Library page)
• Appendices (if needed).
Work on the project can start from week 1

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