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MARJ007 Monitor environmental management on a vessel
Assignment attachment Risk assessment
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Question 1
List (one) environmental control measure you could employ for each of the following to reduce environmental damage (it could be a procedure, management plan prevention)

(a) Discharge of “Dirty” ballast water
(b) Accidental discharge of vessels bilge water
(c) Spillage from a flush deck diesel filling station
(d) Black exhaust smoke
(e) Excess build-up of garbage
(f) Damaged cargo from movement (200lt chemical in drums badly dented but not yet leaking).
(g) Fuel coming out of diesel tank breather
(h) Discharge of sewage in no discharge area
Question 2
What damage could you cause to the environment from the following activities
(a) Anchoring
(b) Oil pollution
(c) Excess smoke from exhaust
(d) Poorly maintained equipment
(e) Excessive noise
(f) Spillage of cargo
(g) Disposal of waste engine parts into the ocean
Question 3
1 . Complete the attached risk assessment form to carry the following products
onboard a commercial vessel up to 35m
(a) Petrol in 20lt containers
(b) Deck wash in 5lt containers
2. From this risk assessment write up a procedure for the management of petrol in 20lt
drums onboard
3. When making a risk assessment and procedures would you involve anyone else
if so who and why
Question 4
What legislation covers marine pollution
(a) In your home state waters
(b) Outside state waters (federally)
Question 5
In your home state what are the regulations for untreated sewage
Question 6
(a) What are the possible implications of illegally discharging pollution from a commercial vessel
(b) Who is responsible

1. Master
2. Owner
3. Crew member who broke the rules
Question 7
(a) Where are the various procedures regarding environmental control listed onboard
(b) How do you as Master make sure the crew is familiar with these
(c) Do they require any training or mentoring
(d) How would you mentor they are complying
Question 8 (Scenario)
Whilst refuelling your vessel the hose develops a leak at the joint with the nozzle and causes a spill on deck outline your action must include;
Stopping the flow
Cleaning up
New control measures (to prevent reoccurrence)
Reporting – Continue refuelling
(a) Fuel contained on deck (Scenario)
(b) What additional steps if spill contaminates the waterways
Question 9
What are your responsibilities as Master for reporting the sighting of a sizeable oil spill 5nm offshore, including to whom, what format, and what time frame for reporting
Question 10
(a) In your SMS what practices in your procedures would you have to protect the environment during refuelling operations
(b) Which vessels must have
1. A sewage management plan
2. An oil record book
3. A garbage management plan
If your vessel didn’t require any of the above would you have to record the relevant information, if so where
Question 11
What vessels need to display a MARPOL approved;

(a) Pollution disposal sign for waters outside state waters
(b) What are the requirements on this sign
(c) What other means can you use to educate crew and passengers
Question 12
(a) What role does good housekeeping onboard play in protecting the equipment
(b) List 3 examples of bad housekeeping
(c) When can I legally discharge a pollutant onto the water
Question 13
List the basic items required in a spill kit for 30m ferry registered 1D
Question 14
Where would you find the information for fishing, anchoring and other activities in environmentally sensitive areas in your home state
Question 15
Does the legislation requiring that all dangerous goods onboard be accompanied by a MSDS assist in protecting the environment --- Explain your answer
Question 16
List some procedures onboard that can be implemented to minimise and control waste
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