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Praxis Journal Submission 2
(Reflection 2):
1500 words
This task documents your participation across modules 4 - 7. It should be a mixture of structured writing and multimedia. Students should clearly address the following components of the learning journey framework: Theory; Action; Praxis
1,500 words Reflection
In this unit, you are required to keep a Praxis Learning Journal. This is submitted for marking at two points:
The Praxis Journal
Social Research Methods is taught utilising an ’active learning’ approach. Active learning is learning by discovery with your peers, facilitated by your tutor. The learning modules (online content AND face-to-face tutorials) are not about providing you with lots of content to memorise, they are designed to assist you to discover the key concepts and applications of social research methods.
Your Praxis Journal is a representation of your active engagement in this unit and these tasks are not simple descriptions (summaries) of the content covered. It is about how you frame your discussion so as to highlight your reflections concerning your learning journey for each module:
– What have you learnt? How did you learn it?
– Why you think you this material has resonated with you? What interest, value or importance do you see the
material having for your academic, professional or personal interests?
– What don’t you understand? What would you like to learn more about?
– What does the process tell you about yourself: as a learner, as a developing scholar in your discipline, or as a
citizen in your world?
You should be guided by the Learning Journey TAP framework for each learning module: Theory, Action and Praxis (TAP). You need to clearly address material that comes from the vUWS website, the tutorial classes, and your reflections on your academic, professional and personal development
Further guidance can be found under the link for Praxis Learning Journal on vUWS.
Students must utilise at least 1 scholarly reference for each learning module in order to pass that section. A students wishing to score a credit or higher would use more than this!
As a starting point, students should utilise the resources and readings presented in the unit content. However, as active learners, students are encouraged to move beyond class materials, and find their own relevant resources. Students should be aware of the difference between using moderated and unmoderated resources, and the differing value that these have for supporting scholarly discussions.