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Annotated Bibliography Reflection (300 words)
Write a reflective narrative on your experience from doing Task 1 as a short Reflective Analysis Paper.
This task will analyse and evaluate the findings you have made from doing the Annotated Bibliography.
This will be an active start to a working thesis or overall idea that you are going to pursue and write about in detail later.
The purpose of this assessment activity is for you to analyse your own annotated bibliography as a whole.
Use the Five Reflective Analysis Questions below for your 300 word Analysis paper as a guide:
1. Make a list of keywords for later use in your research writing e.g. literature review, concept mapping etc.
2. What patterns or trends does your collection of articles reveal to you about your project topic?
3. Can you reflect holistically on how all of the sources in your Annotated Bibliography relate to any arguments and themes in your project topic?
4. Are you able to -identify a gap in the literature- as an area of research that is missing and may move you to give focus to that gap? Why or Why not? (Either case is fine to explain)

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 435 words including References

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