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Please READ THE FOLLOWING TASK. This is a reflection paper, use the first-person pronoun, I. I need it by Thursday.
Task 1- Emotional and spiritual journey as an educator. With reference construct, personality profile, traits, interpersonal and communication skills.
-----Emotional and spiritual journey
1. As an educator, my day begins by thinking about my students’ lives, struggles, emotional health and well-being as I get ready for work. I worked as a preschool and kindergarten teacher for 7 years and my weekends are spent doing lesson plans and creating teaching materials but beyond that, I also think of my student's life and struggles. I also think of my co-worker because I hate teachers or bosses who treat people unfairly. I hate teachers who were lazy and I end up doing their job. I have seen a lot of situations especially in preschool where shared teaching is the environment that other teachers take advantage of other teachers. With all these, I gather my strength spirituality and looked again to Jesus. How he provides grace, forgiveness, and love to others. However, it doesn't mean I need to be meek. I assert myself respectfully but sometimes I lose it. I end up being stressed with the other teacher. Moreover, To ensure I am doing my best to help my students succeed, I spend time reflecting on my teaching practice and making sure I am teaching with integrity. Beyond curriculum and content, my lessons include time to focus on character, work ethic, growth mindsets, and how to ensure my students become productive members of society. There are days when I feel disillusioned because of my students’ lack of receptivity to these important life lessons. When that happens, I remind myself of my limitations and recognize that my sphere of influence is limited to 55 minutes a day. (please elaborate and paraphrase). Thinking about my students’ lives outside of school, I empathize with the life experiences many students are managing — broken families, shared custody, substance abuse, and greater dependency on medications for conditions like ADHD. “Given such circumstances, what will all my worrying accomplish?” I ask myself gently. “Except increase my stress level?” When I am struggling professionally to do what is best for students, I find myself seeking spiritual guidance from the Scriptures. Each of these passages is from Lord Krishna, in the Bhagavad Gita (2.47) “You have a right to perform your prescribed duties but you are not entitled to the fruits of your actions,” and “Never consider yourself to be the cause of the results of your activities, nor be attached to inaction.” (Please paraphrase).
My personality profile-
- I am bubbly. I always find joy to the things that I do. I love to make the students happy by throwing jokes, pretending I am someone else. I love comedy stuff so children can relate and feel comfortable with me. Even with my co-worker They always write into my bday card thanking me because I make them laugh.
--I am passionate about what I do. I am dedicated and committed. I don't want to be late and making sure my learning experiences with the kids have meaningful outcomes and content.
---I am organized and I want the classroom clean. I can't be creative If it is disorganized.
--I have a very engaging personality
-- I am a good listener.
---I can be the opposite if my co-teacher is a lazy and brown noser. Better go home and don't work, I hate it.
--My strength is classroom management and creating learning/lessons content.
--My weakness is my communication skill, I can be so straightforward and other people don't like it. I don't know how to sugar coat. I need to improve on this. (1000 words). Please elaborate and add some more points.
Task 2- Then in the light of the above, reflecting on learning institutions and communities known to you, consider the catalysts for increased stress and conflict in life and work faced by educators throughout their careers. Discuss their impact on other staff, the students, and the students’ parents. Suggest effective management and coping strategies to diminish the impact on educators of potential challenges - within this context, consider teachers’ ethical and legal responsibilities. (please research this on how teachers get stressed.) !000 words
----I personally get stressed when there were lots of paper works and stupid rules of administration and co-workers. But oftentimes, I am resilient. it would take me 6 months to complain.
---I handle my stress by doing the things I like such as sauna, swimming, and steam bath. Having my family is important my husband and daughter are my shock absorber. I go to church and fellowship with my churchmates. that is important to me. It made me feel that there are still good people who are willing to give time to you. I play the guitar and make fun of myself to cope up with stress.
-I read the scriptures and pray before going to work and I lift everything to him for things that I cannot control. I will attach a reference to this)
Task 3 --- Why is self-reflection is important to a teacher 200 words. I will attach the reference to this. Please quote it.

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