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Please read carefully the task.
The Task: 1500 words
Interview one educator of your choice with a religious worldview (not necessarily Christian or from your own denomination), with the purpose of understanding their belief and major doctrines. Determine how their spiritual journey and belief system have influenced them as educators and how they are currently evidenced in their teaching. ( I already interview one, I attached the transcript.)
With reference to the research literature on Christian and religious education, write an essay that describes your impressions, including what has impacted you from this discussion, noting any differences to your own belief system and how this conversation may influence and shape your own teaching practice in the future.
***** My answer to this is the same as my interview, to extend the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ to students, especially those who need support regarding family and learning. Many students came from unhappy family and their behaviour reflects on that too. Also extending the love of Jesus to my colleagues and give them allowances from their annoying behaviour as well. I wanted to reflect the love of Jesus to others and vibrate it through my actions. To confront in a polite way and practice good negotiating skills both to students and teachers. To stand on what is right based on my Christianity and not of this world. Please include that Jesus is love and one of his commandments is to love thy neighbour.
Attached is my interview with Anne Rayner. She is my churchmate. so we have the same belief.
Additional reference is the video of Dr. Etienne Wenger: Learning in landscapes of practice you tube.

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