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Context Assessment Purpose:
The purpose of this assignment is for students to work collaboratively, either in pairs or in teams, to explore key issues in the field of professional sport, mental health, and community engagement. proposing the creation of a sports mental health foundation, advocating for programs / initiatives, for professional sporting bodies, to support and engage with. The report is designed to develop students’ research, communication, and advocacy skills as well, as to deepen students’ understanding of the sport, mental health strategies, and advocacy.
Instructions Assessment
Details According to Liddle, Dean & Vella (2017), emotional wellbeing and resilience, with regards to stress, embody what we consider mental health to be. For mentally healthy individuals, coping with daily stresses and fully participating in family, work, sport, leisure, and community activities highlight a stable and resilient individual.
However, for those individuals who have been diagnosed with a mental health disorder, their ability to think, their emotional state and behaviour can disrupt his/her ability to carry out normal daily activities or engage in satisfying personal relationships. Using a minimum of 10 high-quality journal articles to be sourced from online databases, you are required to create a sport-related mental health foundation that seeks to promote awareness and develop and implement programs for professional athletes. Your foundation needs to specify the following:
? Your foundations’ name,
? Background to the foundation (including why this foundation was created, particularly if it is named after an athlete),
? The purpose, mission, and goals of your foundation: why do you exist?
? Who the foundation seeks to assist: that is who the work is aimed at and who will be involved in the foundation (here, each group member needs to allocate themselves a role and area of expertise in the foundation),
? The initiatives and programs that you have in place or are seeking to develop - choose two primary initiatives/programs that you want your foundation to engage in.
The report should be pitched at a business audience, to heads of sports governing bodies, community leaders and government officials, who will be invited to either participate in or support the foundation. The report needs to build on knowledge gained in the unit, however, research is critical and needs to be demonstrated throughout the discussion in the report.
The file attached is to help to do the assessment.
Assessment due is on Sunday on November 8 1500 words.
Please do not forget reference, be clear and objective and clear.